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Можно ли подавать апелляцию, 10 мин. история которая простояла сто лет. Benefits of and how to register a litter of pedigree puppies. 13/06/ · The Political Economy of Liberal Democracy Sharun Mukand, Dani Rodrik. NBER Working Paper No. Document Object Identifier (DOI): /w EKOIZOL. For example, for thermal insulation of modular buildings, we use EKOIZOL - mm, which is equivalent to mm of solid. Because gnomes are really just that cool right? It ain’t easy being green or blue or purplish-pink with pointy ears. Sometimes a simple touch up of your.

The Political Economy of Liberal Democracy

What is our life? It is a game: game of colours, shapes and imagination! We are the wizards of our ideas and thoughts, which materialize, attract sort of things, splash out in many directions of individual uniqueness, vision of the world, the focus on self-development as a person.

We create our environment!

We offer you a wide range of autonomous residential buildings of a volumetric modular type, designed to accommodate families of and more persons, as well as flexible adapted projects for opening and running a business. These are prefabricated buildings and modular complexes that allow you to install house quickly, to start business, to reduce energy consumption costs during the exploitation, up to full autonomy from central communications.

You buy a ready-made autonomous modular house "SEE — BUY — LIVE" which is easy to transport and install on sites without a foundation, with selective or full connection to communications. For a more flexible selection and installation system, we have developed single-module and multi-module buildings of volumetric modular type.

Single-module buildings. Multi-module buildings. Module overall dimensions. Up to mm. Consist of a group of single-module prefabricated sections. Oversized dimension of the module. Over mm. Total area of the modular house. Up to 50 m2. Not required.

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  • Number of storeys. One floor. Up to five floors. Equipment and trimming. On the selection. Whereas single-module buildings are designed for a certain type of exploitation, multi-module houses and complexes consist of a group of finished one-section segments with a common connected infrastructure of communications and a common internal space, for both the same-type and multi-purpose use within the terms of business or residence.

    We carry out all the installation work and the connection of the ready-made elements of the construction of such a multi-module building in the place of installation with the erection of the foundation, the connection of communications and the arrangement of the adjoining territory.

    Our technology provides options for the construction of houses and modules based on a reliable and durable metal frame - the farms with a subsequent sheet layered of external and internal constructions with materials and installation of communications.

    We adhere to these criteria at all stages of the construction, beginning with the design stage. Outside, we use materials such as wood edged and unedged board, false beam, block house , moisture resistant plywood, corrugated iron painted, perforated, with imitation of textures , sheet metal torn, perforated, decorative , fiber cement panels polished, painted, with imitation textures, siding, decorative , etc.

    Inside we use materials such as drywall with painting, wallpaper, decorative putty , wood lining, edged and unedged boards, beams , moisture resistant plywood, decorative fibrocement panels painted, with imitation of textures, relief , tile, mosaic, stone, etc.

    All the heat-insulating materials used by us have vapor-permeable properties is the ability to breathe!!! Thanks to the natural regulation of the relative humidity in winter, the house is warm and cozy, and the morning coolness remains in summer.

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    EKOIZOL is liquid foam, ecologically clean heat-insulating, soundproof material of new generation, which advantage is vapor permeability, it differs in structure and properties from the foam. EKOIZOL is quite resistant to the influence of aggressive environments, organics, insects, rodents and microorganisms, is not flammable, when exposed to direct flame it does not melt and does not release toxic substances.

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    When pouring in a foamed state, it penetrates, filling cracks and recesses, polymerizes, becoming elastic or rigid, that depends on the density. The operating period of EKOIZOLE is unlimited, with time it does not shrink and does not change the structure, unlike other heat-insulating and soundproof materials.

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    Liquid foam. P roducer. Guarantee period. Operation period. Un limited. Heat conductivity. Moisture by mass. Reaction to fire. The thickness of the walls of the building depends on the construction and the estimated winter temperature. Thermotechnical characteristics of external walls:. Sand-lime brick. Solid Mudbrick.

    Hollow brick. Expanded clay block.

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  • Basalt wool. For example, for thermal insulation of modular buildings, we use EKOIZOL - mm, which is equivalent to mm of solid wood, or 2, mm of a brick wall. Our energy-saving technologies work well with temperature changes, the houses warm up quickly to a comfortable operating state, simultaneously accumulating heat inside without loss, which saves heating and energy consumption costs.

    The ease of construction of our prefabricated buildings does not require the installation of an expensive and cumbersome foundation, and the use of low-lying bearing bases and screw piles speeds up the construction time, which is economically beneficial, without loss of stability.

    Protection of screw piles with galvanizing allows us to create pile foundations in durability comparable to stone and concrete. Depending on the concept of the project and geology of soils, we use tape, glass, columnar, pile and plate foundations.

    The durability and persistence of the building depends on many criteria! Environmentally friendly material based on Portland cement, impact-resistant and non-flammable with frost resistance of or more cycles, increases the operation of our modular and skeleton buildings for and more years. The table below shows the options for equipping single-module and multi-modular house, where you can choose materials for interior and exterior trimming with the installation of communications, as well as choose the installation of appliances, furniture and systems for your future house.

    Custom items. Module overall area. To 30 m2. To mm. Oversized to 50 m2. Number of modules in the assembly. Number of floors in a modular building. The 1st floor. To 5 floors. Ground floor. On request. Column foundation. Glass foundation. Strip foundation.

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    Screw piles. Other version. Module frame. Building frame. Metal framework. The bottom of the module. Galvanized profiled sheeting. Roof type.

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    According to the project. Flat roof.

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  • Pent roof. Multiscate roof.

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    Asphalt shingle. Corrugated galvanised iron.

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    Metal tile. Ceramic tiles. Bakelite plywood. PVC menbrane. Facade type. Facade decoration. False-beams Imitation of the beam , Corrugated galvanised iron. Edged polished boards. Unedged polished board. HPL panels. Composite panels. Fiber cement slabs. Fiber cement deco panels.

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