Рисунок бру на воде как сделать

Рисунок бру на воде как сделать

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Read the publication №5/ VOL.2 Norwegian Journal of development of the International Science ISSN It was established in November with support from the . Картофель почистить, крупные картофелины порезать по г и бланшировать минут в горячей подсоленной воде (можно сделать это дома перед выходом на природу). Цветок может стать бабочкой, а клякса не испортит рисунок, а станет его украшением. Единственное условие для рисования на воде – необходимы специальные краски и жидкость. Печі Aga. Придбати плити Aga I записатися на майстер-клас з приготування страв можна в шоу-румі Clive Christian, по вул.

Часть I Санкт-Петербург Материалы сборника представляют интерес для широкого круга исследователей, ученых, педагогов, специалистов, руководителей промышленных предприятий и предпринимателей, работающих в области поиска, разведки, добычи и переработки полезных ископаемых.

Petersburg State Mining Institute from the 4 th to 6 th April The Volume can be of great interest for a wide range of researchers, scientists, university lecturers, specialists and managers of industrial enterprises and organisations as well as for businesspeople involved in exploration, prospecting, development and processing of minerals. Редакционная коллегия: доц.

Рисунок бру на воде как сделать

Синьков, доц. Сищук, А.

There is an old mining spot in its vicinity, where copper was extracted from the Bronze Age to the 9 th century. Currently the region is interesting to mineral collectors due to a copper phosphate that can be found there, called libethenite. The first deposit Podlipa is mainly known for its secondary-mineral paragenesis of copper phosphates, especially libethenite and pseudomalachite.

The most characteristic of these arsenians are olivenite, euchroite and pharmacosiderite. The aim of this study was to look into the subject by determining these phenomena and to optimise future analytical procedures, which would allow the local copper mineralisation to be examined thoroughly. The project was based on the assumption that surface geochemical mapping will help to establish the range of copper mineralisation in two areas distinct from each other as regards copper compounds.

In order to draw up appropriate methodology, it was necessary to conduct research that included terrain inspection, preliminary sampling and analysis of soil specimens and dump-field material in regard to the content of copper, phosphorus and arsenic. Materials and methods The field study was based on extracting three soil samples and two dump-field material samples along the profile line Figure. The two most extreme samples of the profile line HP- and HS-5 on the map consist of dump-field material that was extracted with the use of a spade and sieved through meshes that were.

From each point of an envelope specimens were extracted 3 times, which gave about 0cm LP- or 5cm L-3 and LS-4 cores.

История Эбру

The average weight of the samples was around 0. The preparation for the analysis of the soil and dump-field material samples consisted of scaling them down by quartering and grating them to powder with the use of an Abbich mortar and an agate mortar. Results and discussion The results of the overall chemical analysis are shown in the Table. Table Results of chemical analysis Component content [wt. Phosphorus present in the soil samples is probably a part of organic compounds, whilst the one in the dump-field material occurs most likely in the form of copper phosphates.

Therefore their amount should be theoretically higher in the HP- sample and that is why the result that was obtained there is one of the highest. Scientific works confirm that in this location apart from diverse paragenesis of copper phosphates some arsenians are also present.

Исследовательская работа "Эбру - танцующие краски на воде"

CuO content is visible only in the dump-field material. X-ray Diffraction analysis was conducted in order to compare the mineral composition of the samples. It showed that all of the samples examined have a very similar composition. The interpretation of the results proved that the samples contain mainly quartz, muscovite apart from L-3 and feldspar. Chlorite is present in three samples. In L-3 a trace of amphiboles occurs and in HS-5 tetrahedrite can probably be found. Presence of other ore minerals was not shown.

Norwegian Journal of development of the International Science №5 part 2

Due to a low detection of this method it cannot be used for this type of research. Conclusion The preliminary examination confirmed the existence of lateral differentiation of copper mineralisation, which was proved by establishing the differentiation of samples content of copper, phosphorus and arsenic along the profile line.

Variable arsenic content, monotonous phosphorous distribution and Cu presence limited to dumpfield material were shown. Usefulness of X-ray Fluorescence in this kind of study was proved. Its detection level is precise enough to trace the changing of mineralisation.

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There is no need to conduct systematic X-ray Diffraction research in this location. The field investigation demonstrated some restrictions to the realisation of sampling that was planned. Because of the varied terrain and dense forests the time needed to extract samples is relatively long. It rules out systematic geochemical soil examination as a method of prospecting in this location. W: Jayanthakumaran K. Veda Vydavelstvo SAV.

Bratislava, Rusko M. Those indications are locally appearing veins of rocks of sienitic composition; veins and breccia filled by carbonates enriched in REE, where oxygen and carbon isotope ratios are characteristic to carbonates of fenitic zones.

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  • In places are fixed phlogopitization and scapolitization zones, and occurrences of molibdenite, apatite, mineralisation of Th, REE Ce, La up to few percent concentrated in allanite, monazite, apatite. Such manifestations often are spatially related to Varena area where deposits of serpentine-magnetite ores with evaluated resources of hundreds of millions tones have been discovered hosted by serpentinite, enstatite and diopside rocks regarded as skarns formed in dolomite marble.

    This data implies possibility of alkaline and carbonatite magmatism in Southern Lithuania and its prospectivity for high-tech elements deposits.

    As a result of research and testing, many solutions and devices have been developed. Other devices are based on optical methods and are used for the determination of ash content in flotation tailings. Recently, EMAG has been specializing in the development of systems based on the natural gamma radiation measurement technique, which described in the article. The coal quality can be determined by means of standard chemical analyses.

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    That classical methods are characterized with high accuracy. However the weakness of the methods is the long lead time and high workload, so they are not suitable for quick analyses enabling to carry out an efficient, online quality control. Other weaknesses include low mass of the sample and its destruction sample.

    Only g of the sample, can hardly be recognized as a representative amount considering the mass of the controlled coal and its diversity. Besides, destruction of the sample makes it impossible to repeat the analysis [].

    For quick or on-line quality control analysis the most commonly used methods are based on radiometric measurements.


    Devices using these methods are usually equipped in an isotope. These devices are dangerous for the environment and need special control. To be able to use radiometric equipment, permits from the National Atomic Energy Agency are required. It is a relatively new field of metrology yet it offers great opportunities.

    Depending on the degree of carbonization, one can distinguish the following types of coal: peat, brown coal, hard coal, or anthracite. Hard coal was generated due to the carbonization of plants in biochemical and geochemical processes occurring on Earth between the Late Devonian and Early Permian [].

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  • Hard coal contains: - an organic substance carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus, and trace elements, such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. During the coal exploitation, part of gangue gets mixed with the extracted coal. In the mineral part of coal and in the gangue, which both make ash in combusted coal, there are radionuclides.

    Most frequently these are radionuclides of the decay chain of uranium U and thorium Th-3, as well as the radioactive isotope potassium K [3,4,5].

    Рисунок бру на воде как сделать

    There is a strong correlation between the radioisotopes content and the ash content in coal. The radioactivity of a mineral substance included in a coal sample exceeds many times the radioactivity of a combustible organic substance [6].

    That is why, it is possible to measure gamma radiation of coal and calculate the result on ash content in coal. A higher level of gamma radioactivity of one sample in relation to another sample means, most frequently, that there are more radioactive elements in it, meaning, there is more ash. However, for a variety of mines, the relationship between isotopes content and ash content is different. This is due to the difference of mineralogical composition in coal deposits.

    In table there are results of measurement of the content of uranium and thorium in Polish coal mines.

    Рисунок бру на воде как сделать

    Researche was made by Professor Izabela Bojakowska on over a hundred coal samples [7,8]. The tests show that particular deposits may differ as far as the level of natural gamma radioactivity is concerned. As a result of that, radiometric devices and devices based on natural radioactivity used for coal quality assessment have to be calibrated for each mine separately. One method is testing the concentration of radioactive nuclides K, Ra-6, Th Another method is based on registering impulses for the given measurement system from the whole spectrum or its selected fragments.

    Natural gamma radioactivity can be measured by an electronic system with a scintillation detector co-operating with a multi-channel spectrum analyzer Fig. The scintillation process is one of the most useful methods available for the detection and spectroscopy of a wide assortment of radiation.

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    Measurement and analysis of natural gamma radiation 7. These are: portable ash meter, laboratory-technological ash meter and ash meter for on-line measurement.

    The test results and users opinions confirm that the method which uses natural gamma radioactivity of coal to assess coal quality parameters is an efficient one. The accuracy of such devices is comparable to radiometric equipment and even higher in the case of some coal types, because with this method the changes in the chemical composition of coal, particularly the changing content of such elements as calcium or iron, do not disturb the measurements which is the case with radiometric methods.

    IAEA, Vienna Taylor P. Sikora T. Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi, Vol. Юрско-неогеновые отложения распространены повсеместно, доюрские разновозрастные комплексы в основном заполняют отдельные глубокие прогибы и грабены, связанные с региональными разломами. Нижний триас. Северобузачинская свита развита на полуострове Бузачи. На площади Каламкас скв. Бузачинская свита широко распространена на полуострове Бузачи и исследована на площадях Каражанбас, Каламкас, Северо-Бузачинской, Каратурун, Аралды и др..

    В интервале глубин м Каламкасской скважины- разрез свиты выражен чередованием аргиллитов, алевролитово-глинистых пород, алевролитов, туфоалевролитов и песчаников. В скважине площади Каламкас в интервалах глубин м, м, м, м и м определены харофиты Липатова, Porochara triassica Said Gramb.

    Disca Kis. Sphaerica Kis. Указанный комплекс водорослей, содержащий индексы виды зоны Porochara triassica, указывает на принадлежность вмещающих пород к оленекскому ярусу.

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