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Optimize Blasting Results. Efficient blasting is an integral part of any mining operation. Over-blasting results in excessive energy consumption and high explosives expenses, while under-blasting produces large rocks that overwork downstream equipment and shorten their lifespan. Можно ли ввезти в Россию растение из СНГ? Да, практически из всех стран СНГ растения везти можно (как в багаже, так и в ручной клади). ShovelMetrics™ is a complete monitoring solution for shovels, excavators, and backhoes deployed on ~ pieces of equipment worldwide. It uses the latest in artificial intelligence to provide Missing Tooth Detection, Tooth Wear Monitoring, Rock Fragmentation Analysis, Proximity Detection, and Payload Monitoring so that operators can work more. During the meeting on creation of the International Network of Penitentiary Education in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia, Minsk Belarus.  · Olympus has announced US pricing and availability for the PEN Lite E-PL3. The E-PL3 will be available from September at a suggested retail price of $ As previously announced, the MSRP in the UK market will be £ The camera will be shipped as a .

The camera will be shipped as a kit with either the M. Zuiko mm lens or the M. Zuiko 17mm pancake lens. This is a smaller, slightly lower resolution 0. The PEN E-PL3 is an interchangeable lens camera offering a sleek, metal body packed with versatile controls and lenses with professional image quality.

It will ship bundled with either a wide-angle zoom M. Zuiko mm lens 28mmmm equivalent , optimized for fast autofocus AF and silent AF operation, or the M. Zuiko 17mm ultra-compact and portable wide-angle pancake lens 34mm equivalent. Designed to help innovation seekers capture and share their unique visions, the Olympus PEN E-PL3 combines pro quality with the portability of a point-and-shoot and features found on bulkier DSLR-type cameras.

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Its 3-inch, tilting high-resolution LCD screen helps you see high above the crowd to capture amazing stills and HD video of live performances, sports events and more. Never worry about missing a spontaneous moment because the E-PL3 shoots at 5 frames per second. Discretely document all of the color and pageantry of the city, even in low-light, as you make your way to your next destination.

Staying in for a more relaxed evening at home? Tech-enthusiasts will want to keep the E-PL3 ready by their side to capture friends and family, while showcasing their creativity. Easy-to-use technologies like in-camera Art Filters and image effects empower users to apply their unique artistic vision to images and videos so they can easily share professional- quality creations. See the World through Your Own Eye The VF-3 is perfect for photographers who like the option of holding the camera up to their eye to compose.

With percent field-of-view, none of the recordable subject area is cropped, making composition with the VF-3 easy and accurate. The magnification and built-in diopter adjustment of the VF-3 allow for easy viewing.

The VF-3 can be rotated up to degrees to accommodate more obscure shooting angles for additional creative control. Now, with the new VF-3, consumers can get more of a DSLR-like experience from our cameras by looking through the viewfinder to compose the shot. Olympus Viewer 2 also enables users to experience new functions, including the application of new art filters, effects and variations.

E-P3 with VF-3 viewfinder.

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Requiring that a kit lens be purchased, every time - with a removable lens system camera - is insane. Thank you for passing yet again on a new camera, it means there will but more out there for the rest of us.

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All this talk about the EVF Gain is more of a sensor feature rather than EVF. As the integration time to gather usable light brought the frame rate down to about 5fps I could see the cars, but not pan on target with the slow update rate. Maybe with the second processor path on the new processor and the new sensor this will not be a problem whichever EVF we use. Smaller resolution does not mean worse performance Remember you are not going to print from your EVF.

Heck, just go ahead and buy the other brand, folks. It will save you the frustration of constantly griping when Olympus does something their own way instead of copying others. That we is an ever decreasing market segment, like it or not. I love the direction the Pen took, making the EVF optional and shareable amongst bodies I felt the same way,and would not buy a cam without a viewfinder a few years ago, but my epl2 LCD is quite visible in bright light even at the beach,the resolution is good,and the magnification is cool,but takes me too much time to use it much.

That VF did not require a bump on the form of the body. It could have been done here by just moving the LCD a little to the right to open up a space on the left of the back.

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Price is going up instead of down. He stays on the camera all the time. I wanted a build-in but renounced for the tilted option. I will not buy a camera without an EVF. Sorry to buck the trend, but I welcome the viewfinder removal.

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  • Just using the LCD works fine for me. Slightly lower res?

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    How do you say When are they going to realize that we want the EVF to be contained inside the camera. The camera would only have to grow a little and you could have the EVF there all the time.

    Respectfully, I am not a member of your "we. But from my prior experience with EP2 and 14mm, 20mm and mm, I can say that EVF was almost never used with those lenses. EP3 plus the new viewfinder plus primes lenses Pity for not having a body with integrated viewfinder. What would be the reason to get a EVF that is even smaller than the existing one apart from price maybe? Just wondering I know right. Price matters to me -- this new one is a lot more likely to make its way into my shopping basket than the old one was.

    Holding the vf up to my eye, i brace the camera to my face. Using the screen is not the same. Am I the only one that feels this way! Or are these cameras just for snap shots? But no good with a wrist loop! To mrjamesabels "Holding the vf up to my eye, i brace the camera to my face Is that what makes a good photo, where you hold the camera?

    Good to know. As someone with Panasonic bodies for now , I look at this announcement and the only thing I can say is: at least there might be hope for a better Panasonic viewfinder that will be compatible with my GF1.

    Yes, dumb.

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    Pray that at least this stays that way. The IS issue is a bit of a hassle if you shoot with Panasonic bodies, as it makes several longer Oly lenses less attractive. But it bothers me far less than the accessory-port business. All my lenses are Panasonic apart from the kit lens that came with the Oly body. An IR proximity sensor is prone to switching on when the camera is on a neckstrap and your shirt provides the IR reflectance.

    One of the big drawbacks of the Minolta A1 remember them? Maybe the VF-3 stays where you angle it better than my VF-2, which swings up and down too easily. Hoping the new VF has click stops or at least more resistance to movement. I would buy the EP3 instead, much better looking and who really needs that silly tiltable screen if you have a tiltable viewfinder?

    I like my EPL2 better. Maybe they should have just asked you how much money you had to spend and just made one just for you. Alien Skin Exposure X4 4. The Leica Q2 is an impressively capable fixed-lens, full-frame camera with a 47MP sensor and a sharp, stabilized 28mm F1. Sensors ranging from APS-C to full-frame are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from mm equivalent, so image quality is top-notch. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing.

    Bye Bye Camera detects and removes all humans from your pictures but is not meant to be a photo tool.

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    Polish artist Michal Karcz shared a post explaining that px requested he no longer post his content on the platform, as his images are photo manipulations, not photography. It comes with updated features and a smaller price, making it a little less painful on the wallet to hop on the Leica bandwagon. Archivist Dr. Looking for a new lens for your camera?

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  • Not a single driver exhibited any such lack of aggression during a day of flying dirt, flying beer cans, twisted metal and screaming cheers. Dale Sharpe, an Australian storm-chaser, landscape photographer and Nikon Ambassador has passed away after a tragic roadside accident while in the United States.

    Find out which one is right for your next vacation. Cinema5D is black with part two of its documentary series that shares an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work Fujifilm has put into developing, engineering and launching its megapixel GFX mirrorless camera system. Have a look for yourself. Jordan reviews the Deity Connect wireless microphone.

    Olympus launches VF-3 and announces E-PL3 US pricing

    Rumors have been circulating about a possible Spark 2 drone release from DJI this summer. DroneDJ recently confirmed that the release is now on hold indefinitely. New sizes allow for the use of ColorChecker targets in a wider range of photographic and video applications.

    Nikon has made available a firmware update that brings significant improvements to autofocus.

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    Science Editor Rishi Sanyal has given it a go, and finds its performance to be remarkably good Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register.

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