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Digital Media, Islam, and Politics in the Middle East. BASEL, September, Call for Applications for the 6th Annual MUBIT Doctoral Workshop in Late- and Post. Worlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects Alessandro Warth, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ted Kaehler, and Alan Kay VPRI Technical Report TR à Ä6Å3Æ¤Å Ç È Å Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ò¨Ö?Ò6×FØ Ö?Ò ×¡ÔFÙ Ø6Ú Û)Ü$ÝOÑyØ3Þ¡Ò × ß®Ô\Ø6Ø àFÑyÜ6Ó¡Ø-á¡Ø'â)Ô Ø. 01/03/ · Honey is a natural sweetener and antioxidant that can also trigger an allergic reaction. Learn the warning signs of this allergy and how to treat it. Supported Cameras Luxriot is a leading software in the number of hardware devices supported: + models of network cameras and network video servers from over

Those that are interested in, and work on how online and offline mobilization, behaviour and organization interact in the Middle East are particularly encouraged to apply.

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  • Ahmet Kuyas Galatasaray University. This workshop intends to shed light on specific historiographical questions emerging from the interactions of political developments, demographic realities and social mobilization in Turkey from the Unionist through the Kemalist era By examining such interactions, we aim to reassess and rethink some of the dominant viewpoints and paradigms relating to the general contours of Turkish history.

    Sukru Hanioglu Princeton University.

    This two-day workshop will concentrate on the major intellectual currents of late Ottoman history. The main thread of the workshop will follow intellectual history in a broad sense, but other topics including social, religious, and political history will receive some coverage as well. Diskutiert werden zudem die Folgen dieser Prozesse auf die globale Entwicklung.

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    Maurus Reinkowski, Dr. Two leading scholars of Ottoman-Arab history will take over the instruction of the seminar: Assoc.

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    The objective of the workshop is for participants to acquire advanced knowledge of the history and historiography of Ottoman-Arab nationalism. The seminar is a two-day intensive seminar September , hosted and organized by Prof.

    Maurus Reinkowski and Alp Yenen, M. Two leading scholars of Turkish nationalism will take over the instruction of the seminar. Erik J.

    Hakan Yavuz University of Utah , a political scientist renowned for his study of political Islam and conservative nationalist movements in Turkey, will lecture on nationalism theories and the complex relationship between nationalism and Islam in the Turkish Republic. The objective of the seminar is for participants to acquire an advanced knowledge of the history, historiography, and theories of Turkish-Muslim nationalism. In addition, the seminar aims to enhance the skills of doctoral candidates in writing, presenting, and discussing conference papers.

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    Related questions that this workshop will explore include: 1. Das volle Programm und die Zeiten finder Sie hier.

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